NH-3SPs  “Ultra-precision point autofocus probe 3D measuring instrument”

The highest-end model of NH-Series (with 1nm scale resolution)


  • measuring range (X, Y, Z) = 150 x 150 x 10mm
    Z = 130mm (optional)
  • scale resolution (X, Y, Z) = 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.001μm

Measurement example that NH-3SPs is perfect for

Fresnel lens molding die

High precision measurement of a transparent lens with steep angles.


High speed and high precision measurements of sub-micrometer grooves.

Surface of aspherical lens molding die

Diamond turning processed surface.

Unevenness of evaporated metal film

High precision measurement of nano-meter level unevenness.

Measurable Examples

Measurable Examples with Optional Modules

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