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Message from the president

Our thanks to all our clients for granting us their custom in the past.
Ever since Mitaka Kohki was founded in May 1966, creativity and reliability have been our watchwords. The technical strength we have cultivated since our foundation has been utilized to the utmost in the design and manufacture of space observation instruments, and our high-precision telescopes, optical measurement instruments, medical instruments, and other products have won the high regard of clients in a wide range of fields. No doubt, as the times change move on apace, different kinds of products will be in demand. Nevertheless, we shall always respond to the needs of our clients, whatever those needs might be. We are determined to stay in step, every inch of the way, with the changes in the products our clients demand, and to do our utmost to develop products which are even more outstanding.
Your continuous guidance and unchanging support for us are greatly appreciated.

Company profile

  • Astronomical telescopes
  • Non-contact 3D measuring instruments
  • Semiconductor inspection system
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Endoscope holders
  • Manufacture and sale of medical devices
  • Wind power generation systems
  • Solorthermal systems
Main banks
  • Resona Bank
  • Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
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Company name
Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.
Head office
1-18-8, Nozaki, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0014 Japan
+81 422 49 1491
May 11, 1966
10 million yen
Board member
Katsushige NAKAMURA
Executive director


History of Mitaka Kohki