MLP Series  “Point autofocus probe 3D form measuring instrument”

A compact laser probe head and 5-axis control enable all-round contour measurements

Product List

Point autofocus probe 3D form measuring instrument


Standard model of contour and 3D measurements



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About MLP Series

Measuring Principle and Features

Autofocusing system which is immune to surface textures of workpieces


Point autofocus probe measurement defies the current conventional non-contact measurement.

MLP-3 Video Library

MLP-3 measures and evaluates various workpieces

Measuring functions

Contour measuring function

Measuring instrument configuration and measuring method that offer easy operation for beginners.

Size measurement

Capable of evaluating widths, angles, radii of curvatures, distances between two points from a measured profile data.

Surface roughness evaluation function

he only non-contact measuring instrument which has a high correlation with contact roughness measuring instruments.

Roundness measurement function

Point autofocus probe measures roundness of very small samples easily.

End mill size evaluation function

Evaluating widths, angles, radii of curvatures, distances between two points, etc.

Measuring Examples

Fresnel lens molding die

High precision measurement of a transparent lens with steep angles.


High speed and high precision measurements of sub-micrometer grooves.

Volume of solder

Volume and height evaluation of solder out of 3D surface.

Microlens array

Tracking rugged lens surface.

HDD head suspension

Measurement of delicate sample which easily distorts by one gentle touch.

High-density mounting board

Fine structure in a large area.

Surface of aspherical lens molding die

Diamond turning processed surface.


High precision measurement of delicate material.

Human hair

Capturing fine structure.

Unevenness of evaporated metal film

High precision measurement of nano-meter level unevenness.

Diamond abrasive grain

Cutting edge profile and projection height measurements.

Tip of turning tool

Offering 3D view, size evaluation and roughness measurement.


Enhanced functions for profile and height measurements, coplanarity evaluation, etc.

Warpage and waviness of wafer

High speed measurement of total warpage and waviness of wafer.

Grinding work surface

Calculating areal roughness out of measuring area.

Wear volume of brake pad

Separating burr / contact surface / wearing surface and calculating Abbott-Firestone curve.

Plastic gear

High precision measurement of plastic gear with low reflectivity.


Capable of measuring microgears with less than module 0.1 which contact measuring instrument cannot measure.

Internal gear

Capable of measuring internal tool gear and inner circumference by mounting the inner diameter measuring unit (optional).

Tooth flank of a precision gear

Form measurement and surface roughness evaluation of a precision gear.

End mill measurement

High precision measurement of outer diameter, rake angle and clearance angle out of profile data.

Precision micro punch

Easy measurement and evaluation of precision punch.

Contour form and edge measurements of drill

The laser probe offers quantitative measurement of tools in high precision.

Ultraprecision machining tool (Diamond Round cutting tool)

Capable of measuring tool blade edge which popular projection type tool measuring instruments cannot measure.