About Solar Energy

Development of new plant factories using sunlight

Development of a New Plant Factory
We aim to build a crop production system that operates on 100% renewable energy.
This system combines various devices and technologies such as heliostats, diffusion mirrors, wooden greenhouses, radiant cooling films, adsorption chillers, and solar heat collectors. This will result in an unprecedented plant factory that can reduce power consumption as much as possible.

Development of Beamdown Solar Concentrator
A "Beamdown Solar Concentrator" has been completed on the campus of the University of Miyazaki in collaboration with industry, academia, and government including Miyazaki Prefecture, companies in Miyazaki Prefecture, the University of Miyazaki, Niigata University, and Mitaka Optical Instruments.
The device consists of a 16-meter-high tower with a 4.3-meter-diameter elliptical mirror mounted on top and 88 heliostats. Each heliostat consists of 10 concave mirrors, each 50 cm in diameter, that precisely track the sun using a sensor system to focus the light on the first focal point of the ellipsoidal mirror at the top of the tower.