Wind Energy

Personal wind power generation system

The Mitaka vertical axis wind power generation system under development aims to generate 2 to 3 times more power even in light winds due to the negative pressure of the wind-catching side spoiler. The system will also continue to generate power even in strong winds (typhoons) with a governor control mechanism. Since the system is a module-type, it is stackable and is capable of installing PV panels on its top. It offers easy installation in the existing PV fields and operates together with PV .

Main features

. Stackable module

. Catch any kind of wind,

including a breeze

. Operate under strong winds

. Co-operate with PV

. Avoid bird strikes as all the

moving parts are cased in the


. Easy maintenance

. Utilize the lower section of the

installed area

Target specification

Module size:

5.4m x 5.4m x 3mH

Blade turning diameter: 3mΦ

Accelerator turning diameter:


Cut-in wind speed: 3m/s

Rated output: 3kW@11m/s

Generator type: stand-alone

Max. wind speed: 55m/s

Weight: 1,500kg