Telescopes for Public Facilities

We offer astronomical telescopes for public facilities that prioritize ease of use and safety. We produce telescopes with elegant design and the highest quality.

Refracting Astronomical Telescopes

Refracting telescopes are widely used for observing the moon, planets, and the sun, and the stable visibility of refracting telescopes is a major feature of these telescopes. The automatic introduction function "Cosmic Cruiser" makes it easy to observe the planets in daylight.
We manufacture refracting telescopes with apertures from 20cm to 30cm.

20cm refracting telescope (Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum)
20cm refracting telescope (Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum)

Reflective Telescopes

Even a large astronomical telescope can be easily operated with the Cosmic Cruiser, an automatic introduction function of celestial objects. The height of the eyepiece, which is a problem in this class of telescopes, is also reduced by Mitaka Koki's original eyepiece extension device, Wonder Eye, which allows children to observe safely even at night.

65㎝ reflecting telescope (Otawara City Fureai No Oka Planetarium)
Photo credit: Otawara City Fureai No Oka Planetarium
80cm reflecting telescope (Nagoya City Science Museum)

Astronomical Telescope Control System Cosmic Cruiser

Telescope control linked with astronomical simulation software displays the current position of celestial objects in an easy-to-understand manner and enables automatic introduction of specified objects, making it easy to operate even for non-experts in astronomy.
Safety features include a warning display, software limits, hardware limits, and an emergency stop button to prevent unexpected problems.

Various operations of the telescope can be performed from the operation screen.
・Automatic introduction of a specified object
・Field of view movement
・Focus adjustment
・Lid open/close
・Dome control, etc.
(some optional functions)

Recommended Accessories for Mitaka Kohki (1) Wonder Eye/Dual Wonder Eye

Wonder Eye is a device that extends the telescope eyepiece and allows it to move in any direction. The telescope eyepiece can be lowered to ensure safety during nighttime viewing parties and to increase observation efficiency for large numbers of visitors.
Dual Wonder Eye is a type of telescope that allows two people to view the Wonder Eye at the same time.

65cm telescope with Dual Wonder Eye
Photo credit: Otawara City Fureai No Oka Planetarium
20cm telescope with Wonder Eye

Recommended Accessories for Mitaka Kohki (2) Star Image Layer

The Star Image Layer is a device that allows any image or video to be superimposed on the field of view (eyepiece) of a Wonder Eye or Dual Wonder Eye telescope, making it a very effective device for explaining the telescope at an observing session. The telescope operator can check the observer's field of view on the monitor using the built-in camera.

Dual Wonder Eye with Star Image Layer
Typical display example 1 - Arrows and explanations in the observation field of view
Typical display example 2 - Arrows, etc. on daytime stars
Typical display example 3 - Display of photos and videos when cloudy
※Star Image Layer is a patented product of Mitaka Kohki English

Solar Telescopes

The Sun is a familiar celestial body that can be observed during the daytime, but its changes such as sunspots and prominence activity can be confirmed in a relatively short period of time, making it a celestial body of great educational value, and various images of the Sun can be confirmed by observing at various wavelengths. Mitaka Kohki's solar telescopes are automatically controlled by the Cosmic Cruiser to minimize the burden on the operator.

10cm quadruple solar telescope
15cm Solar Observation Telescopes (2 x 15cm + 5 x 10cm)
Domeless Solar Telescope
High Dispersion Spectrograph (20cm refracting telescope)