Telescopes for Research Facilities

We manufacture astronomical telescopes optimized for research purposes at observatories and universities. Please let us know your application and desired specifications.

60cm Coude/Cassegrain Planetary Telescope (Tohoku University Hawaii/Maui)

Tohoku University's T60 telescope, located on the summit of Maui Island in Hawaii, is a telescope dedicated to planetary observation and is equipped with an image rotator coupled with a coude foci for large instruments. The telescope is also equipped with optics for infrared observations, and has earned a high reputation among researchers for its functions and precision suitable for observation purposes.

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60cm Coude/Cassegrain telescope
From Tohoku University's website

60cm Coude telescope for tracking satellite

This satellite tracking telescope is designed primarily for satellites passing near zenith and is capable of high precision and high speed operation. It has a coupled focus for connecting large instruments.

Other devices such as laser communication telescopes can be manufactured according to your needs.

Telescope for Solar Observation

Solar observing telescopes must be reliable in terms of wavelength accuracy and stability. We manufacture observation equipment to specifications suitable for your research purposes.

Quality Control

All optical/mechanical/electrical/software, etc. are under high quality control, and all products are inspected to ensure that performance is in accordance with design values.

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