MA Series

3D measuring instrument

Microlens array form measuring and optical characteristic evaluation instrument

High precision image processing offers optical characteristics evaluations


High precision image processing offers optical characteristics evaluations

Functions : Effective focal length / Back focus / Transmittance / Focal position / Focal depth / MTF

Automatically measures microlens arrays(MLA)

The right figure shows the measurement optical system. The focused image(the pinhole slit image) of the paralle laser beam is enlarged by the microscope lens and is captured by the camera. The image processing evaluates this captured image on its optical characteristics.
Measurement optical system
Automatically measures microlens arrays (MLA)

Matrix measurement software

The specialized matrix measurement software offers automatic measurement of MLA by registering the array patterns

Nomarski interference contrast observation

NH microscope can load Nomarski interference contrast optical system.Nomarski optical system. Nomarski optical system visualizes angstrom-level surface roughness and scratches that normal bright-field optical systems cannot visualize, and offers immediate quantitative measurements of roughness and step heights.
NH-3Ns loaded with Nomarski optical system
Ray diagram of NH Series with Nomarski optical system


Laser Probe measurement

・Radius of curvature and center coordinates of each lens surface
・Height of apex, XY coordinates
・Cross-sectional and three-dimensional shape measurement, surface roughness measurement

Image Processing

・Effective focal length
・Back focus
・Focal position
・Focal depth (option)
・MTF (option)


Measuring area( X, Y, Z, AF)

100, 100, 100, 10mm

X-Y Axis Linear Scale


AF Axis Linear Scale


Measuring method

Point Autofocus ISO 25178-605


λ=635nm <1mW

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