MLP Series


MLP-3 is specialized in complex measurement which none of conventional 3D measuring instruments, profile projectors or laser microscopes could possibly offer - this is the filed in which MLP-3 excels. Point autofocus probe with the 5-axis stage help measures solve problems.

all-round measurement
soft and transparant workpiece
profile and surface texture
cutting tool measurement
comparison to the design value


High-precision measurement with no influence of surface colors / reflectance

MLP-3 directly measures various types of surfaces, from coated glass with very low reflectance of approximately 0.5% to mirror surface with reflectance of 90% or greater.

Approach to a workpiece in various direction

The theta (θ) axis of MLP-3 offers the most appropriate angles and positions for the high-precision quantitative measurement of 2D / 3D forms.

Capable of observing the measurement point

The built-in CCD camera offers a live view of the laser spot at each measurement point and surfaces of the workpiece for easy setup of measurement points.

High correlation with international standards for roughness measurement

Point autofocus profiling has a high correlation with roughness standards for stylus instruments and obtains reliable data.
Roughness standard:TypeD1(ISO5436-1)
・Measurement method:stylus
・Tip radius:5μm
・Evaluation length(ln):4mm
・Cutoff value(λc):0.8mm

MLP-3 offers all-round contour measurement

The combination of a fully non-contact point autofocus probe and a high-precision five-axis stage offer the submicron contour measurement of all kinds of workpieces.



Cut samples for contour measurements


Polygon measurement offers the entire contour measurements of the complex formed workpieces

all-round measurement
example: precision molding punch


Stylus damages and cutting deforms


A fully non-contact measurement never damages or deforms the workpiece during the measurement.
It is possible to evaluate product life after taking measurements.

soft and transparant workpiece
example : rubber blade


Different instruments for different measurements


MLP-3 offers roughness, form and surface texture measurements.It is possible to carry out size evaluation from a surface texture measurement and to evaluate a surface texture by removing a geometric form from it.

profile and surface texture
example : precision gear tooth surface


Cutting edge and form measurements


Not only can MLP-3 evaluate the form of the entire tool but also it can precisely measure its cutting edge.End mill measurement support software (option) automatically detects the cutting edges and the tips of the tool which offers a simple operation and minimize the variability in data caused by measuring different positions.

cutting tool measurement
example: end mill


Inner /outer contour measurements


MLP-3 directly measure inner/outer contours in a large area in submicron accuracy. Inner diameter measuring module (option) offers fitting evaluation and DXF comparison by using the standard evaluation software.

comparison to the design value
example: spline shaft and boss



Measuring area( X, Y, Z, AF)

120 × 120 × 130 × 40mm

X-Y Axis Linear Scale


AF Axis Linear Scale


Measuring method

Point autofocus profiling ISO 25178-605


λ=635nm <1mW

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